Hiya! My name is Katie and I love photography.

I think it means so much to capture something on camera. Every photo taken is unique and special. Something amazing may only be visible for a few seconds (like a firework!) but the magic of a photo is that you can see that moment over and over, for the rest of your life! That one picture can hold hundreds of memories and personal meanings. I truly believe that photography is one of the most expressive art forms. Just imagine taking a picture of a flower. Simple, right? Well maybe not, a yellow flower would show happiness, a blue flower would show sadness. A red flower would show love-or maybe even anger. Just a tiny change such as the colour could give someone a completely different view on the photographers personality and emotion. Each picture you take should have a story behind it. Before you click the shutter, ask yourself-why am I taking this picture? What message am I trying to get across? How will this influence the person looking at the picture?

My aim is to inspire. Every picture has a meaning to me, but what does it mean to you? I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures, I certainly enjoy taking them!


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